The Spectra Philsophy

Since 1993

Spectra Advertising is a family owned business. With great values it has grown into a successful and highly reputable sign company since being founded in 1993. Our slogan, “A sign is an Identity, Identify With Us”, motivates us to provide customers with the best product and services available. We are dedicated to innovation and use contemporary automation and technology to provide exceptional products and delivery time for our clients.

With a flatbed printer, 2 wide format printers, 2 54″ laminators, 2 CNC routers, vinyl plotter, photopolymer processor and industrial spray booth, you can expect our prices to be competitive with leading competitors. Having in-house machinery eliminates the intermediary, saves time, and lowers prices to satisfy our customer and deliver quality signs on time.

Having an installation team consisting of 6 pickup trucks, a boom truck and 15-foot trailer you can assure the final product comes out to the customer’s satisfaction. We have two graphic designers which streamlines the process of shop drawings, this keeps our projects on schedule and jobs completed on time.